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Final presenter needed for ADUG Autumn Symposium 2012

Every year since 1999 the Australian Delphi User Group has held it’s Autumn Symposium in two Australian cities. Presenters for the all day event are drawn from the Australian and international Delphi communities to speak on a wide selection of topics of interest to Delphi programmers.… Continue reading ›

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XE2 – selling like hotcakes apparently

A good news story that I think deserves a wider audience.

Hate to break it to you, but Delphi (RAD Studio) just closed out 2011 with sales levels that surprised (in a good way) even our staunchest internal supporters. IOW, we’ve been seeing a upward trend for the last several years.

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LiveBindings Part 2 – Displaying database data in a VCL (or FireMonkey) application

A perhaps not so well known fact about LiveBindings is that they can be used in VCL as well as FireMonkey applications. The traditional VCL data-aware controls are still available though and for reasons that will quickly become apparent, I wouldn’t advise ripping out your VCL TDBEdits just yet.… Continue reading ›

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LiveBindings Part 1 – Displaying database data in a FireMonkey application

This is the start of an in-depth series on the new LiveBindings technology found in Delphi XE2. At its most basic level LiveBindings is the mechanism provided for FireMonkey applications to display and edit data from a database on screen, a job that in the VCL is traditionally done with data-aware controls.… Continue reading ›

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A use for code folding

Here’s my tip on how to use the IDE’s code folding feature for good rather than evil.… Continue reading ›

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Welcome to Australia

G’day Delphi world,

We’re Australia or “down under” as you like to call us sometimes. We’ve been a bit quiet over the years when it comes to blogging about Delphi but that’s about to change.… Continue reading ›

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