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Highlights of the Sydney XE3 event

So I live G+edย my way through the whole Sydney ADUG event. Quite tiring really, trying to focus on what was being said and simultaneously summarise it for 4 hours.

Here’s a few of my highs and lows of the morning.… Continue reading ›

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Reporting live from Delphi XE3 World Tour

Tomorrow morning I’ll be attending the XE3 World Tour event in Sydney and if all goes well reporting live on Google+.… Continue reading ›

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NakeyMonkey interview part 2 – Jason Southwell

This is part 2 of my interview with Jason Southwell of Arcana@Sivv. Jason is attempting to crowd source through KickStarter the funding of his new component library NakeyMonkey. NakeyMonkey will be FireMonkey wrappers around native Windows and OSX controls.… Continue reading ›

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NakeyMonkey – Native OS controls for FireMonkey – Interview with Jason Southwell

Jason Southwell of Arcana @ Sivv makers of the ApeSuite for FireMonkey and EliteSuite for IntraWeb plus several other interesting projects has started a KickStarter project called NakeyMonkey to fund the development of a suite of FireMonkey controls that wrap the native Windows and OSX controls.… Continue reading ›

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Embarcadero be Bold once more

Do you remember Bold for Delphi, the model driven architecture and object persistence framework that was first developed by Boldsoft, then purchased by Borland and included in Delphi 7 Architect?

Roland Bengtsson has started this online petition asking Embarcadero to release Bold as open source.… Continue reading ›

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Last chance to attend ADUG Autumn Symposium

Today is the last chance for registering for the ADUG Autumn Symposium 2012. The event will be held this Thursday in Melbourne and Friday in Canberra.

Don’t miss your chance to see Bruno Fierens on FireMonkey component development and mobile Intraweb applications, Malcolm Groves on distributed applications and Glenn Stephens on REST clients and servers.… Continue reading ›

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The ADUG Autumn Symposium is coming!

The highlight of the Australian Delphi calendar, the ADUG Autumn Symposium 2012 will be held on March 22nd in Melbourne and March 23rd in Canberra. That’s southern hemisphere Autumn in case you were puzzled by those dates ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bruno Fierens of TMS Software will be speaking onย … Continue reading ›

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