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How to call Java code from an XE5 Android application

Hidden away on Google+ is this excellent walkthrough by Paul Foster on how to call Java methods from an XE5 Android application. There’s also a teaser from Brian Long in the comments of that Google+ post that he has a much simpler method that he’ll demonstrate at CodeRage 8.… Continue reading ›

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Don’t be a bloody idiot

Here in Australia we like our public health campaigns graphic and blunt. This is what our cigarette packaging looks like and we have a long running TV campaign based around the slogan of “if you drink then drive you’re a bloody idiot“.… Continue reading ›

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Delphi for Android preview going on right now

Wearing my TIndex hat I’m reporting live from the Sydney preview event for RAD Studio. Expecting to see some Android demos soon 🙂

TIndex reporting on Google+Continue reading ›

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The ADUG Autumn Symposium is less than a week away

Time really is running out to register for the number one event on the Australian Delphi Calendar. Registrations will close at 11pm, this coming Tuesday 19th March with the event itself held in Melbourne on Thursday 21st March and Sydney 22nd March.… Continue reading ›

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Would you like a free trip to Australia?

The Australian Delphi User Group is looking for speakers for our annual conference the ADUG Autumn Symposium to be held around March/April 2013 (that’s southern hemisphere Autumn of course).… Continue reading ›

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New Delphi book

ADUG’s own Graeme Chandler has just released his book FireMonkey Development for iOS and OS X with Delphi XE2Continue reading ›

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XE3 Pro EULA changes and MVPs

So I was made an Embarcadero MVP about two weeks ago, an achievement I’m quite proud of. It was, I believe, largely for my work on the TIndex and my off-line ADUG activities more so than my blog entries here.

Meanwhile everyone’s favourite grumpy old uncle (well he reminds me of a grumpy old uncle anyway) has made a few comments here and there about the impartiality of the new MVPs.… Continue reading ›

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