President's Report for 2011 AGM

Dear ADUG Members,

the year 2010/2011 has been the first after Glenn's departure as president of ADUG. It has been a big team effort to keep the national organisation of ADUG going. So first of all I'd like to thank all those who contributed within the national committee.

All our local chapters have organised meetings in the past 12 months and attendance has varied depending on topics & speakers. What really started to make our live easier was the ability to use Embarcadero's live streaming account to broadcast our meetings. We started with this in January 2011 in Sydney and the field test has been very successful. At times we had more online attendees than people in the Embarcadero boardroom in Sydney, which is not all that big. Thanks to Embarcadero for letting us use their account and also for the speakers that were willing to have their presentations streamed out.

The Brisbane chapter will undergo some changes with Alex's decision to step down. We will approach all members in Queensland in the hope to find an adequate replacement.

Our Autumn Symposium 2011 in Melbourne & Sydney was well attended. The revenue figures that our treasurer will present in her report document an increased interest in Delphi, which has even more improved with the recent Delphi XE2 road shows all over Australia. We would like to thank all speakers, the attendees, the sponsors and Embarcadero in particular to have contributed in making the symposium such a success. We are looking forward to welcome you all at next year's symposium in Melbourne & Canberra. The dates have not been finalised yet. But currently it looks like mid-April 2012.

After the Autumn Symposium 2011 the yearly Committee Get-Together was held in Sydney. We looked at the ADUG Processes & Utilities, in particular the new membership & event system. We would like to thank Roger for all the hard work he has put in. We are grateful that with Roger's departure from the national committee after this AGM Lachlan will stand for the role of the secretary and membership system.
At the Committee Get-Together we have decided to recommend that Glenn Crouch receive an honorary live membership of ADUG. You all know Glenn and can well remember how much he contributed in the past as president of ADUG and still does as a regular poster on our mail list. I would urge all members at the AGM to support that recommendation. Thanks again, Glenn, for all your valuable input & work for ADUG!

One thing we did not achieve was the idea of running a programmers retreat. I still find the idea appealing to come to Victoria and spend a fabulous weekend with you guys in the beautiful country side. But it needs some keen organisers. So if you think ADUG should run such an event, please approach your local sub-committee members. In the meanwhile I would hope that we can continue with our successful series of hand-on one-day workshops, especially now that Delphi XE2 has so much new features to offer that a bit of a headstart on how to use FireMonkey or how to write native mobile applications could help our members to embrace these new technologies.

Last but not least I would like to say "Thank you!" to Roger Connell, our outgoing secretary, and Alex Fekken, our Brisbane meetings organiser for all their work in the national committee in tha last years. At the same time we are looking forward to integrate new faces into our national committee, which will be elected tonight.

From Germany I sent my best wishes for a speedy and efficient AGM, as it always has been. ;-)

Mathias Burbach
ADUG President