Australian Delphi Users Group

Annual General Meeting

Held on 19th September 2011

At the Royal Society of Victoria,

8 La Trobe Street Melbourne


Present:†††††† Andrea Coffey, Lance Collins, Roger Connell, John McDonald, Richard King, Brian Watson, Don Macrae, Tony Bryer, Alex Moss, Graeme Keast, Lloyd Smiley, Phil Sheppard, Peter Postmus , Peter Evans, Geoffrey Smith


Apologies: †††† Mathias Burbach, Lachlan Gemmell , Sue King, Adam Webb, Peter Sanders, Alex Fekken, Jim Duff


Meeting opened: 6:15 pm

†††††† The Vice President Andrea Coffey assumed the chair in the absence of President Mathias Burbach.


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

Motion:†††††† "That the minutes of the 2010 AGM held on 20th September 2010 be accepted."

Proposed:††† Lance Collins †††††† Seconded:†† Brian Watson†† †††††Carried


Officers' Reports


President:The president's report from Mathias Burbach was presented to the meeting. It thanked the 2010 committee for their efforts through the year and reporting on achievements and goals. In particular Mathias thanked Alex and Roger who are stepping down from the committee this year and welcomed those members stepping up to new roles. The search for a new Queensland convener will continue. Mathiasís full report can be viewed at


Membership Report: A report on the membership by state was distributed. That report is available at


Motion:††††† "That the Presidents and Membership reports be accepted."
Proposed:Lloyd SmileySeconded:John McDonald††† Carried


Treasurer: Sue King's financial report had been distributed to the membership prior to the meeting and was presented at the meeting. That report is available at



Motion: "That the financial report be accepted."
Proposed:†† John McDonald††††† Seconded: Peter Evans†††† Carried



Special Business

 Item 1: To consider the proposal that the meeting appoints Glenn Crouch as a life member according to rule 4-14.

The Committee of Management at its meeting on 26th March decided to recommend that Glenn Crouch be appointed as a life member of the association, in accordance with Rule 4 Section 14.

Supporting Statement: Glenn has worked tirelessly for ADUG over many years. Often with material assistance from his wife Karen.


Glenn joined ADUG in 1998 and was gracious enough to be co-opted onto the Committee in January 2001. He was the first member of the Committee, not Melbourne-based.Because of his location in the West Australian goldfields, he managed to only attend two of the regular chapter meetings. In spite of this geographical separation, and being until recently only able to access the internet via a dial-up connection, Glenn ably looked after our email lists. This included significant participation in the members' list discussions.


Through encouraging sponsorship of, and prize donations to, the Autumn Symposia, Glenn has contributed to their success. Glenn became our President in 2006, and ably filled this position for four years until 2010. Glenn's sustained contribution to ADUG, warrants this award of Life Membership of the Australian Delphi User Group.


Proposed:††† Andrea Coffey†††† Seconded:Brian Watson††††† Carried by acclamation


Item 2: To consider the following proposal as a special resolution:that the rules of Australian Delphi User Group Inc be amended by replacing Subrule 32(2) by

†† (2) Payments made by the association must be made by cheque or electronic funds transfer. If a payment is made by cheque, the cheque must be crossed not negotiable and signed by one of the members of the association who has been authorised by the Committee of Management to sign cheques issued by the association.

Special Resolution Notes:This is a change to our rules and the Associations Incorporation Act requires that it be put as a special resolution which requires a majority of not less than three quarters of those voting.

Explanatory notes:The Current Rule 32 section 2 is archaic in the world of online banking and needs to be changed to allow manageable processes for a committee with office bearers in many states.

Proposed:††† Roger Connell†††† Seconded: Andrea Coffey†††††† Carried: 14 For 0 Against

Thanks : The secretary would like to extend his thanks to our Corporate Officer - John McDonald for his extensive help in guiding us through and assistance in implementing our first rule change.


Election of Committee


The secretary had received nominations for the following positions seven days prior to the meeting.



Mathias Burbach


Andrea Coffey


Lachlan Gemmell


Sue King


Ordinary Committee Members

Adam Webb
Peter Sanders

Brian Watson

Richard King



As the number of received nominations is less than or equal to the number vacancies for all positions, all nominees were declared elected unopposed.


There remains one unfilled ordinary committee position. No nominations were received from the floor of the meeting.


Other Business



Meeting closed: 6.41 pm .