President's Report for 2008 AGM

In my second year of being ADUG President, I have come to an even better understand of the importance of the whole ADUG Committee in keeping things running. Graham Pitson has been a fabulous Vice President - and without a good Vice President, having a President so remote (I am 600 kilometres from the nearest Chapter!) would be very difficult. It is with sadness that we see Graham step down from the Committee. He has been a major asset to the Committee for many, many years - and I am sure all of ADUG will join me in thanking him for his generous Service.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Treasurer, Mathias Burbach as he continues to provide us with efficient and well-managed finances, all year round - even when he is in Germany. I also want to thank Andrea Coffey our Secretary, Sue King, our webmaster and the entire Committee for pitching in when the needs arise. Committee members all give up their valuable time and experience to keep ADUG running - so when you get a chance do show them that you appreciate their efforts on your behalf.

We continue our long term goal of making ADUG more AUSTRALIA WIDE. As a Committee, we have decided that it would be good if more Committee-members knew how to cover the various jobs that are done. As such Adam Webb has graciously volunteered to look at taking over the Mailing Lists - and I will notify you when this change occurs. Support of our Mailing List remains strong, with almost 450 subscribers. However ADUG Membership has dropped in the past year and we need to look at ways at encouraging people to renew their membership, and even better: get new memberships!!! I welcome any thoughts on this - you can email me at president's email and I will share them with the Committee.

We once again have seen a lot happening in the past year with the product we all enjoy - Delphi. We have seen CodeGear become apart of Embarcadero, and we have just seen the release of Delphi 2009 which has the long awaited inclusion of Unicode for Native Windows, as well as generics and many other improvements. I think there are even more exciting times ahead and it has been good to see the Delphi Jobs still coming through our Delphi Jobs List - hopefully we will see that improve over the next 12 months. Our relationship with the local CodeGear staff continues to remain strong, and it is good to see some of them contribute regular to our Mailing List.

This year we had our first Symposium in Canberra, with the other day being in Melbourne as is our custom. The Canberra Chapter did very well and the day was a good success. I think all those who attended enjoyed the day, and our International Speaker (Ray Konopka), as well as our local Speaker, did a fine job. We will have some details about the 2009 Symposium in the near future, with Sydney and Melbourne as the venues.

Our Local SubCommittees continue to run their own events and this decentralised form of organisation continues to work well with ADUG. It would be great if we could see more people attending Meetings. If you have difficulties getting to meetings then contact your Chapter and let them know. I would also be happy to pass on any suggestions to our Chapters Mailing List.

Again, I need to thank all the members of the national and local ADUG committees as they do a lot of unseen work that continues to keep the ADUG going, and I would like to thank all those who are involved in local meetings and who are regularly involved in the Mailing Lists - you all help to make ADUG the family that it is - and I look forward to seeing what the next 12 months brings.

Glenn Crouch
ADUG President