President's Report for 2007 AGM

For the past 12 months, I have been the first ADUG President who was not based in Melbourne - in fact, I am 600 kilometres from the nearest Chapter! The year has gone well, and we continue to make progress towards our long term goal of making ADUG more AUSTRALIA WIDE. That being said, I would like to especially thank Graham Pitson, our Vice President, who has picked up any slack, especially when distance or time differences have caused difficulties. Our Treasurer, Mathias Burbach is extremely efficient and organised, which results in me having very little to worry about with the finances. I am also grateful to Andrea Coffey our Secretary, as well as the rest of the Committee, for the efforts in helping everything run smoothly. I would also like to make a special note of thanks to Sue King who has taken responsibility for the Website.

Last year we saw the return of Borland Turbo Delphi, then Borland become CodeGear - followed by the release of CodeGear Delphi 2007 and we have just had the release of CodeGear RAD Studio 2007. Plus many members of our group have shown interest in CodeGear Delphi for PHP - so it will be interesting to see what happens over the next 12 months, as things seem to be moving along nicely. Our relationship with the local CodeGear staff continues to remain strong, and it is good to see some of them contribute regular to our Mailing List.

This year we had our first Symposium in Brisbane, with the other day being in Melbourne as is our custom. The Brisbane Chapter did very well and the day was a good success. I think all those who attended enjoyed the day, and our International Speaker (Marco Cantý) as well as our local Speakers did a fine job. We will have some details about the 2008 Symposium soon, and we have had tentative agreement from Ray Konopka.

The Mailing List has always been an important part of ADUG for me, and I am pleased that it is still a strong focal point for our group, and meets the needs of over 400 Delphi Users from all over Australia (and some from further abroad).

Our Local SubCommittees continue to run their own events and this decentralised form of organisation continues to work well with ADUG. Whilst each chapter does have its own strengths and weaknesses, the Chapters Mailing List seems to help in the sharing of information. We also now have the involvement of the Perth Chapter, and thus we are truly coast to coast - and we also have a group on the Sunshine Coast which work closely with the Brisbane people.

Again, I need to thank all the members of the national and local ADUG committees as they do a lot of unseen work that continues to keep the ADUG going, and I would like to thank all those who are involved in local meetings and who are regularly involved in the Mailing Lists - you all help to make ADUG the family that it is - and I look forward to seeing what the next 12 months brings.

Glenn Crouch
ADUG President