Presidents Report 2006


Having been President for the last 3 years, this is my final President’s Report. I am pleased to announce that Glenn Crouch has agreed to be ADUG President for the next year and I wish him well in that role. I will continue to play a role on the ADUG committee as Vice President.


Certainly 2006 will be remembered in the Delphi community as the year of the Borland/DevCo split. As of this writing, the new owner of the Delphi IDE business has not yet been announced, but it is pleasing to note that some of the folks we know well and Borland (eg Malcolm Groves, Tim Jarvis) have voted with their feet and will be part of DevCo. The presence of a roadmap for the IDE business and the release of the new Turbo products also seem to be positive signs. Although it will be difficult to predict what happens with much certainty for the IDE business, we wish DevCo and those who will sail in her all the best. Hopefully, the 2007 ADUG President’s report will reflect on the Borland split as having been a good thing.


Meanwhile, back at the ADUG ranch, this year has been another solid year for the group. Our finances continue to be strong (despite our efforts to reduce the bank balance slightly) and our membership is solid (although membership numbers have dropped over the last year – probably in part related to the uncertainty around DevCo and Delphi. Hopefully, the release of the new Turbo product range will introduce a new set of developers to the Delphi community and bring in some needed fresh blood).


Our symposium this year was held in Melbourne and Adelaide. This was the first time we had held the symposium in Adelaide and, after struggling for a few years to get good numbers in Sydney, we felt that it was time to try another locale. Unfortunately, despite Adam Webb’s and the local subcommittee’s efforts, numbers in Adelaide we fairly poor – although those who did attend made up for their small numbers with an enthusiastic response on the day.


In an effort to raise the profile of the symposium and get planning early, we decided that next year we would try to see if we could get a couple of ‘names’ to appear. Happily we have arranged for Marco Cantu to come to the 2007 symposium (to be held in Melbourne and Queensland) and are hopeful that DevCo might also be able to come to the party. These are all good signs for an excellent event.


Our local subcommittees continue to run their own events and this decentralised form of organisation continues to work well with ADUG. The sourcing of good ‘fresh’ content is always a difficult problem for local monthly meetings and new ideas along this line are always welcome.


Again, I need to thank all the members of the national and local ADUG committees. They do a lot of unseen work that continues to keep the ADUG going. I have enjoyed my time as President and wish Glenn all the best for his tenure.



Graham Pitson

ADUG President