Presidents Report 2005


As we wind up the official ADUG year it is time for the usual Presidential wrap up.


Probably the first and most important point is that the ADUG continues to maintain itself as a stable and viable base for Delphi users around the country. Our numbers are fairly stable, our finances strong and our local subcommittees continue to run the majority of the day to day operations.


We ran another successful symposium this year. There was a return to our previous recipe of local experts presenting symposia in Melbourne and Sydney. One difference this year was our aim to return additional value to members by offering even lower prices than usual. The Melbourne event was well attended and Sydney attendance was fair.


Next year we are looking to try a variation on the theme and run a single symposium in Adelaide, organised by the Adelaide subcommittee. We want to try this so that the ADUG symposium can test a new location. We have decided to only run a single city to avoid the additional complications of running the event in two cities (which adds considerably to the logistic difficulties for both organisers and presenters). Hopefully we will have more details of that later this year.


Our mailing list continues to be the main day to day face of the ADUG. Glenn Crouch continues to put in considerable time to keep the list moving along and generally relevant.


Our finances continue to be strong. We deliberately altered the member prices for the symposium in an effort to return value to the members and will look at doing something similar in 2006.


Our national committee has rightly faded into the background somewhat as our sub-committees have taken up the mantle of day to day organisation. This has made for a bigger role for the local chapters who take responsibility for the running of their own meetings etc. and seems to be a natural maturation in the organisation as our national presence has become established.  A notable change in the coming year is that Don Macrae is stepping down from the national committee after 10 or so years, including stints as President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. His contribution has been immense and we are grateful for the time he has put in over the years.  As always it is important to get new blood into organisations and we were pleased that Sue King joined us this year as Tate was forced to step aside because of time committments. Hopefully we will continue to get new blood into both local and national committees over the next 12 months, as this is an important part of the renewal and continuance of any organisation such as ourselves.


While I am on the committee, I would like to make particular note of Mathias for his work as treasurer - I dont think the books have ever been so well looked after. The rest of the committee (Don, Andrea, Anthony R, Anthony E, Malcolm, Glenn and Sue) also have my gratitude as a good bunch of folks, always willing to get things done when they are needed - exactly what you need in a group like this.


For the coming year, as always our main challenge is to ensure that we continue to be the main source of support/contact for Delphi users around the country. To do this we need to ensure that:

(1) the local subcommittees continue to be the grass roots organisational driving force of the ADUG

(2) the ADUG mailing list continues to be popular and relevent for Delphi users around the country

(3) we continue to support and produce educational events such as the ADUG symposium


I think we are well placed to do these things and look forward to the next 12 months.



Graham Pitson

ADUG President