Australian Delphi User Group

Annual General Meeting

15th September 2003

at the Royal Society of Victoria

8 La Trobe Street, Melbourne


Don Macrae Gerard Wills Lance Collins Graham Pitson Nadia Natoka Peter McNab Roger Connell John McDonald Andrew Tuck David Bilander Tony Drake Anthony Michell Phil Shepperd Alex Moss Natalie Vincent Jim Duff Johnny Franjo Andrea Coffey Mike Dewhirst Paul Tacey Bryan Wilson Richard King Noel Lodge Robbert Wiegmink Colin Kemp

Open: 6:26pm

Minutes of the last meeting:

"That the minutes of the 2002 Annual General Meeting be approved."

Moved: Graham Pitson, Seconded: Natalie Vincent. Carried.


The reports are available on the ADUG website, at

President: presented by Don Macrae.

Treasurer: presented by Graham Pitson.

Secretary: presented by Andrea Coffey.

"That the reports be accepted."

Moved: Lance Collins, Seconded: Roger Connell. Carried.

Nominations for positions:

President Graham Pitson

Vice President Don Macrae

Secretary Andrea Coffey

Treasurer Mathias Burbach

Committee Malcolm Austin

Glenn Crouch

Anthony Egerton

Tate Needham

Anthony Richardson

There being the same number of nominations for each position, as vacancies, all nominees were declared elected unopposed.

Close: 6:40pm