ADUG Winter Symposium 2016

The ADUG Winter Symposium is an all day Delphi event packed with technical content. It will be held on 4th August in Sydney and 5th August in Melbourne.

I’m really excited about the line up for this year, it’s one of the most diverse and interesting programmes we’ve put together. I’m positive every attendee will find their horizons expanded in ways they weren’t expecting.

Our speakers for this year are:

  • Malcolm Groves (CodePartners) – Modern Delphi Object Relational Mapping and Delphi Roadmap update
  • Garry Wood (Ultibo) – Pascal Programming  for Raspberry Pi with open source Ultibo
  • Alistair Christie ( – Computational Computing
  • Shane van de Vorstenbosch (OnSolution) – Marketing for developers

The Symposium is open to all and costs just a fraction of what you’d pay at other developer conferences. Early-bird pricing will end in just a few days so register ASAP to get the best deal.

Check out the ADUG Winter Symposium page for more details on the topics, schedule, locations and how to register.

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Welcome, and thanks for dropping by.

ADUG is an organisation dedicated to providing a forum for activities and information that promote and improve the professional use of Delphi and related products and services in the Australian developer community.

We have local chapters and monthly meetings in most Australian states. If you’re new to Delphi or just visiting, feel free to drop in and say hello.

Please note that our technical blog that was previously at (on has been merged here under the technical category.

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Melbourne Meeting – August 2016

Monday 15th August at 6 for 6:15pm start.

Helper Classes – John McDonald

VMs – Andrea Coffey from Miss Programs

A Compact XML Reader – Andrew Tweddle
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Australian 2016 Symposium – Spotlight on speaker Alister Christie

Alister Christie from is presenting at the Australian 2016 Symposium
Find out more about Alister in this video interview.

Alister Christie

Alister’s presentation will give an overview of the current state of computational power including Parallel / Threaded programming and Distributed Computation for Mandelbrot set and fractal calculation.  He will demonstrate this with a cross-platform solution and a live deployment to the Android app store

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Australian Symposium Update – Spotlight on keynote speaker Malcolm Groves (Code Partners)

In this spotlight interview we dig into the background of 2016 ADUG Symposium keynote speaker Malcolm Groves.


Malcolm Groves is a hard core programmer and technology enthusiast with a passion for development and architectural improvements.  He is is well known in the Australian Delphi community for his years representing Delphi and other products as Senior Director of Technologies and Senior Director of Sales and Marketing  for Asia Pacific and North Asia regions.

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Perth Meeting Tue 19th July 2016

Tue 19th July 2016, 6pm start

UPDATE – we have added an extra presenter.

Kevin Dean will be presenting on his game flavoured Direct3D Delphi project

With four presentation on Game Development its going to be a busy night.
First presentation starts 6:15pm sharp

Artifactory.  8/16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017

Game Programming & Build Your Own Space Invaders

With presenters Scott Hollows and Peter Thönell


This meeting will be focused on game development with Delphi.

Scott Hollows presenting on Build Your Own Space Invaders in three different ways (MAME Machine, Delphi Traditional Game Coding, Delphi Object Oriented Coding).

Peter Thönell‘s ideas on game development including his 2-D graphics engine TilesAndSprites

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Melbourne Meeting – July 2016

Monday 18th July

“Scaling, styles and the cloud” – Tony Bryer from GreenTram Software

“Vector/Matrix operation on CAD API’s” – Brian Watson from Desktop EDA

“Exploring the Men’s Shed” – Our New Venue Read more ›

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Perth Meeting – 21st June 2016

Perth ADUG Meeting – 21st June

6pm at Artifactory


1) Jim Eadie – TRS-80 Emulator

2) Scott van der Linden – Abstract Oriented Programming (AOP)

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2016 Symposium

Our 2016 Symposium will be held in Sydney on 4th August and Melbourne on 5th August. Appearing will be Malcolm Groves of CodePartners (formerly Embarcadero), Garry Wood of the Ultibo open source project, Alistair Christie of and Shane van de Vorstenbosch of OnSolution.